Hoop Story

Basketball is not only a sport, an occupation or a pastime; it's a way of life! Hoopstory is about cultivating passion, weaving story lines, peeking behind-the-scenes of that world and in the process, hopefully, teach life lessons which extend beyond the game.

Meet the Squad

Jason Arroyo

Raised in Alhambra, CA, Jason went to film school and graduated from CSUN's film program with an emphasis in screenwriting. Jason works as a freelance photographer, videographer and editor. His love for both film and basketball inspired him to create Hoop Story with friend and teammate, Dean Walle.

Dean Walle

Dean Walle is a German native who played professional basketball in Germany until injuries forced him to retire in 1996. Shortly after, Dean became a sports journalist and, in 1999, became an agent, representing numerous athletes in Europe. His love for the game brought him to America, and his passion for basketball stories inspired him to start HOOP STORY.


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